Nature Writing,  Notes Made Whilst

Notes made Whilst … An Introduction

For a while now I’ve been posting short vignettes on my Instagram and Twitter.  A single image and jotted down streams of awareness notes always starting “Notes made whilst …”.  Usually, though not always these are nature or landscape based.

Most of the photos have been made digitally: some are now being made using Instax film in my large format camera.  A rather different look and a much more involved experience.  Some of these analogue photos will be made into limited edition pamphlets; but that is a work in progress.

For now, I’m collecting them all together here on my blog.  Of course, this means dates on the notes will be somewhat out of sequence for a while.  They’ll sort themselves out over time.  You’ll be able to read them all by selecting the category “Notes Made Whilst” and scrolling.

For now, time for me to go shuffle some electrons and push some pixels to where I want them.

Stay curious and kind,