Recipe: Oat Pancakes

Oat pancakes, fresh out the pan

It’s pancake day, so here goes with some robust & filling oat pancakes, tasty hot or cold. These are orange & ginger, but it’s a basic mix; have a play.  These are very good with warm fruit & yoghurt.  

Of course, these can be made as savoury pancakes too. You could try experimenting with fennel or maybe sundried tomatoes & chopped olives to eat with sausage & mushrooms. 

The batter keeps well overnight in the fridge, as do the pancakes.  You can freeze them, just let them thaw on a wire rack before reheating. 

For those counting carbohydrate, these come in at around 23%.

You will need

A blender

A heavy frying pan

A small ladle

A little oil

Fish slice or similar


To make about 10-12 pancakes;

150g oats

2 eggs(or your vegan alternative, flax egg is good)

300ml milk(I use soya)

0.5tsp salt

Juice & zest of a small orange

2tsp ginger(or to taste of course)

3tsp baking powder 

To make

Put everything but the baking powder in your blender*

Blend until smooth(ish, you want some texture)

Tip into a bowl or jug

Stir in the baking powder

Leave to stand a few minutes

Warm the frying pan to a medium heat

Very lightly oil it, a non-stick you might not need oil at all

Drop about a tablespoonful of batter into the pan

Leave it alone(or drop a few berries or choc chips in…)

When bubbles cover the surface, & the batter firms up, flip the pancake

Cook until golden



*from experience, from messy explosive experience, stir the baking powder in by hand