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REVIEW: Mud Broddler

Not really running kit this, but post-run maintenance kit. 

Weekend.  You’ve been out in forest or fell.  Places deep in mud, glorious mud at this time of year. Inevitably, whatever shoes you use, you’re bringing dollops of that mud back home, stuck in the tread.  Which of course needs removing.  Now, you can use the “clattering against a wall method” – deafeningly ineffective or the “old screwdriver/table knife technique” – risky to soles, fingers(& other body parts) & maybe relationships.  

Or, you could drop in your local diy shop & get one of these paint can openers from Harris.  They’re blunt, so you’ll not stab shoes or paws & that curved end acts like a wee shovel to hoick the mud & stones out.  The shape means it’s easy to hold too, so  mud will more likely get hoiked into the bin, not the carpet.  

Costs a couple of pounds, easy to use & clean, lasts ages(mine’s at least five years old), makes a mucky job easier. Oh, it’s small & safe enough to carry on days where you  might use a cafe or a bus too.  It seems compatible with multiple shoe brands too. Splendid piece of kit. 

Enjoy your playtimes my dears,